Borouge najd is a leading Saudi Arabian plastic pipe manufacturing company and since our establishment we have constantly evolved to meet the requirements of our most demanding customers. Our aim is to provide sophisticated and diverse pipe solutions for hot and cold water applications, telecommunication networks, sewage and drainage systems together with water and gas infrastructure. We are committed to provide continuous innovation and investment in technology, in the relentless pursuit of providing quality products and services. Today, we are pleased to offer a wide range of plastic products, divided into five major categories categories:


Brouge najd provides Agriculture product like HDPE pipes and LLD films used in agriculture development and complete green house solution.


For piping sysytem used in buildings Polypropylene (PP) is a versatile piping material that is used in a wide range of applications. Two types of PP are used for pressure piping systems: PP-R and PP-RCT.

Sewage and Drainage

Sewerage and drainage piping systems needs a well-arranged network of drainage pipes. Borouge najd Pipes offers the best PP-MD and uPVC systems for various sewerage and drainage needs


Brouge najd also provide Polyethylene pipes which are used for water and gas transfer system Brouge najd offers PE80 and PE100 system for safe and reliable infrastructure development.

Telecomm Duct

Borou genajd provided PE ducts are manufactured with very high-density Polyethylene materials, which offers very high resistance against loads under the earth’s surface which ensures the safety required for telecomm connections.